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What is Zoom?

Want to meet face to face?  Awesome, we do too!  With Zoom we can meet with you face to face regardless of where you are.  You can even be in your pajamas, we don’t mind.  The following is a short video about Zoom:



You don’t need to install anything until you’re ready to meet.  Once you are ready to meet simply use the Zoom link on our home page.  For those computer geeks like me that want to install the software now.  You can do so here:

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.





IRS Audit?



Before you contact the IRS call 806.372.9016!
If you have received notice of audit, please contact us ASAP.  We would love to help you. For consultation regarding IRS notices, please give us a call.

Text Us 806-589-6424

We can receive and send SMS text messages.  Our text number is 806-589-6424.  We can not receive images at that number. If you need to send an image you’ll need to upload or email it to us.

We are excited about having an office text number.  Give it a try the next time you need something.